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Eastern Margins X Boiler Room: Respect Our Elders

Respect Our Elders is a showcase of intergenerational solidarity - a celebration of the wisdom, resilience and patience of our community in face of the anti-Asian Racism we are facing.

Taking place as a fundraiser livestream on 20 June, we'll showcase 4 collaborations between artists of different generations, hoping through the process to pay homage to our elders - who've carved a path for our generation to walk on, who've stood strong in the face of prejudice for so long.

Upcoming Event

Eaton X Eastern Margins:
Paired Frequencies

Intercontinental Connectivity & Cross Pollinations⁣.

Tune in to PAIRED FREQUENCES, a livestream co-programmed with Eaton HK on MAY 27. Linking DJs & performers with VJs from different scenes & geographies - from Berlin to Tokyo, New York to Hong Kong.

Explore unlikely collaborations and boundless possibilities.

Upcoming Event

Eastern Margins X ZOOM LENS: 

No more numbness / show me truth in who I am. Welcome to Ressentiment.

Eastern Margins presents a joint livestream and benefit w/ Meishi Smile, to mark the launch of Ressentiment, the new album. All proceeds going to Red Canary Song, an US organization dedicated to promoting the rights of Asian sex workers and migrant justice.

Saturday 5 June on

10PM UK // 2 PM PST // 6AM JPN

Past Event Highlights

A selection of the most high octane IRL and digital events we have curated over the years

SHCR x Eastern Margins: 通过窗口 Through The Window

Creative communities are more collaborative and interdependent than ever before.
To build on this new reality, SHCR and Eastern Margins invited artists across China and the diaspora to participate in a novel, experimental music production relay.

FT. 3ASiC, and Guan, HARIKIRI, Yehaiyahan, Yider and YIKII to kick off the process.

Small Gods w/ Alex Quicho

Disembodied dreamspaces; 8km 1080p oracle.

Smokehouse Worms WMD

Our inaugural monthly Gaming Stream on twitch - kicking off with the GOAT Game: Worms WMD


A global 4-way collaboration with virtual performances from some of our favourite artists from Seoul to Shanghai, Tokyo to Bangkok, London to Chicago. ⁣

EM Ceremony: QQBBG, Jiafeng 高嘉丰, Billionhappy & リョウコ2000

Enter QQBBG's world, as we celebrate the launch of her debut EP, Magic Legacy. A world where the DDR Emotional Dance Music of Jiafeng 高嘉丰 sits alongside the URL melancholia of Billionhappy.

Migration Matters Roundtable

Hosted by JEX, we invited panellists across four disciplines and geographies: Tzekin, RSY Cheung, Nichole Chui & Katie Goh to discuss what it means to be creating in 2020, as part of the E&SE Asian diaspora

Soundclash Margins: Kamixlo, TSE w/ Gaika, Tohji, Tobago Tracks

This is a soundclash for the Margins of London: a competition of sounds. On Friday, 16 August, 4 crews take over Bussey Building. Across 4 rounds, each crew will be drawing for their most-coveted dubplates, biggest anthems & special guests in a battle for your affection. Remember: the devil’s in the Margins…

Eastern Margins Ceremony X Yard Online Festival

A digital ceremony for our times.

The height of lockdown showed us the importance community: both URL and IRL. We teamed up with the Yard to deliver a digital ritual as part of their Yard Online Digital Festival.

KEEP HUSH x Eastern Margins


FT. Tohji / Ill Japonia / Pianwoo / Ninja Tea / Nammy Wams /JDX / LCYTN


Eastern Margins turned 2 with a London debut for Absurd TRAX, the trailblazers of Hong Kong's experimental club scene - also welcoming back dream-pop enchantress Yeule for a homecoming DJ set, 2 years after she graced our very first party.

EM Togetherism: Mondialité (Miho Hatori), Tzekin, Bumjin, THEGN

Eastern Margins and Vancouver-originated collective Togetherism unite for a special ritual at SET on Friday 6 September, as we present an array of talents from across the global experimental spectrum, including a London debut for Miho Hatori's new project: Mondialite, as well as acting as the informal release party of Thegn's debut album, forthcoming on Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX.

Yellow Peril • Diaspora Disco x Eastern Margins x Chinabot

DIASPORA DISCO is a contemporary revival of the discotheque – a temporary emancipatory space where diasporic bodies mingle, dance and collide.

Chinabot is a platform and collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.

Diaspora Disco, Eastern Margins&Chinabot – three London-based Asian nightlife collectives – are teaming up for a summer party at The Yard!

Genome 6.66 MBP: KiloVee, noctilucents, Organ Tapes, 13XL

There’s been a revolution happening in the Chinese underground, and Genome 6.66 Mbp are leading the pack. Label, collective, club night: it’s hard to overstate their importance in the Chinese clubbing landscape - their distinct aesthetic, all barbed percussion, melted melodies & charred beauty, is instantly recognizable and (for better or worse) and has attracted significant international attention to the Middle Kingdom’s underground music scene.

Eastern Margins x PLUR: x/o, Mun Sing, Englesia, DJ Pussiephuss

Balance & equilibriums; light & night. The equinox is a time of a transition.

An instalment of PLUR (Peace Love UNITI Rave), a UNITI event series with themes of original rave culture prioritising womxn of and nonbinary & LGBTQ+ folks of colour, in collaboration with Eastern Margins a collective dedicated to creating space in London for East & South-East Asia(ns) music.

EM x Bitten Peach: Celestial Cabaret

Eastern Margins and The Bitten Peach are taking you to the stars. We’re teaming up to present a Celestial Cabaret, a constellation of talent spanning live audiovisual music performances, contemporary dance, scream-with-your-lungs singalongs and everything in between.

The Bitten Peach is a Pan-Asian performance collective featuring the UK’s legendary Asian queens, kings and creatures, drawn from the diaspora and beyond. Eastern Margins is dedicated to showcasing music from E&SE Asia(ns). We’re incredibly excited to make this beautiful collision happen.

Yeti Merci Margins LNY: Akito, Soda Plains, Leevisa b2b Frikimo

Eastern Margins, Yeti Out & Merci Jitter team up to celebrate not just the Year of the Pig, but also Eastern Margins’ first birthday and the birthday of West Asia’s key flagbearer, Eri Yeti. We’re returning to Colab Factory with some of our favourites, from both the UK and beyond, to mark the occasion.

Yeti Merci Margins: Why Be, Organ Tapes, Yayoyanoh, Don Sinini


Eastern Margins, Merci Jitter and YETI OUT are three global crews committed to fostering meaningful dialogue between East and West.

Lunar New Year Party (Yeti Out x Eastern Margins)

Eastern Margins and Yeti Out link-up in celebration of Lunar New Year to bring an all-star pan-Asian line-up to the basement.

Expect to hear Jay Chou next to J Hus, Mayday next to Mike-WiLL Made-It. Setting aside millennia old ethnic rivalries on the night will be Organ Tapes (Bala Club / NTS / Genome 6.66 Mbp), 2Shin (BBC Azn Network / Radar Radio), Yeule, Eri Yeti (Yeti Out / Radar Radio) and Lumi (Eastern Margins).