QQBBG: Magic Legacy

Catalogue: EM001
Label: Eastern Margins
Release Date: 
31 July 2020
Format: EP / Digital

Artwork: 陳品陶 & Badbettyboop
Design: Anthony Ko

Hentai idol; Otaku purity, QQBBG is the Hong-Kong based artist subverting orientalist fantasies. On her debut EP ‘Magic Legacy', with production credits from Air Max ‘97 (as Backlit), QQBBG creates a sonic utopia where Gabber heartbeats thump alongside vapourwave haze.

Hong Kong is a city poised between worlds, and QQBBG’s art is an embodiment of her hometown’s spirit. As indebted to Japanese Idol culture as to the Hardcore Continuum, QQBBG blends the escapist fantasies of Hentai and Manga with the jagged textures of deconstructed club. Drawing from the vocabulary of the global URL generation, QQBBG’s chants thirst traps & voicemail blowouts to their figurative event horizon - breaking them down until they take on new meaning.

QQBBG is emblematic of a new wave of Hong Kong’s underground. Her sound trades in the commercial slickness that the city thrives on, but doesn’t shy away from confronting the darker side. She adopts signifiers of the E-Girl aesthetic: cute intonations & anime catchphrases, whilst still being underpinned by a nihilist tension - one that acknowledges the racialized gaze that such aesthetics trades on. QQBBG’s music is sweet until it kills you.

Magic Legacy’s portal begins with the Air Max’ 97 (Backlit) produced ‘Ring! Ring! Ring! Aishiteru’, a crystalline dream which reveals a twisted love below the saccharine surface. ‘夏日閪水禮 Summer E Water’ is a pummelling anthem railing against fuckboys of summers past, as QQBBG chants over and over until the words become a mantra.   QQBBG’s sonic fantasy gets hazier in the second half of the EP, as an insistent kick-drum provides the only anchor to reality in ‘Hentai Babe 変態ベイビ’ as we fall into a surreal slipstream. ‘Virtual Love 虛擬恋愛’ is the EP’s tender moment: a wistful love song for flying high to past romances. ‘144 Sweet’ closes the EP with arpeggiated memories of night drives. Absurd Trax’s ASJ closes the EP with a no-holds-barred club destroyer reinterpretation of ‘夏日閪水禮 Summer E Water.