Eastern Margins w/ Primula

Enter Primula ‘s universe on NTS Radio.
Coming off his latest release Root Layers on Eastern Margins, Primula takes the reins of the airwaves, with an introduction by Jex Wang.
Delve into a sonic journey through his recent EP Root Layers weaved with ambient, grime and dubstep inspirations, old and new.



Techno / Breaks / Club

Jex Wang (Intro)

Howie Lee - 光阴向太阳 (Time To The Sun) Ft. Yehaiyahan
E B U & Mun Sing - Crossing
Cassius Select - Scrooge
Sylarbomb - Hack a Web (VENKO Remix)
Neo Geodesia - Fanta Rouge


Primula - Nobody's in This Classroom
Steven Jefferies, Mary Carwell & Donald Greig - Evil at Play (Edit)
Rapid Antics - Constant Saizure
Kuthi Jin - Crawl (Le Dom Remix)
T5UMUT5UMU - Deconstructed Eco Grime
Primula - Playing
Primula - Jeopardy (feat. Prettybwoy)
BFTT - Mauldeth
Anz - Morphing into Brighter
Primula - 想像 (feat. ONJUICY)
Zomby - Mercury's Rainbow
Primula - Cmuhn
Bby Eco - Innerlife
Okihide - Kwaheri
Neffa-T - Assault
Primula - Into Yu
Primula - translucent transformation (feat. Ill Japonia)