Eastern Margins w/ Ill Japonia

On NTS Radio with Ill Japonia himself, celebrating the release of ‘Ill’.
Expect scorched club music and JPop ballads and find out how Jex teased out Ill Japonia‘s secret haircare regime ++ treat urself to 2 exclusive live performances of tracks from ‘Ill’ by Ill Japonia. Rounded off by Lumi whipping through the latest & greatest in music from the margins of E&SE Asia.⁣
We were blessed to have everyone who worked on the ‘Ill’ EP down, including 鹿 | 𝕷𝖀 𝖃𝕴𝕬𝕺-𝖂𝕰𝕴, ONY and Yukitaka Amemiya.

UK / Japan


Noise Rock / Experimental Hip Hop / Club

Lumi (Intro)

Bloodz Boi & Uli K - Hey Moon  华伦 - 上海观光客 (Guzz Remix)  Awich - Open it Up  
Balming Tiger - Kolo Kolo  
Jeremy Que$t - HAHAHAHAHAHA  valknee & ANTIC - ajeossi  
GG Lobster - ⾹港 (Sweet Harbour)  Kelvin T ft. Shyshine - Be Air Be Air  JD X - 书评  
ava* - web of lies

Ill Japonia

Ill Japonia - Sauna Mizuburo (Live)
Ill Japonia - Mix for War
Ill Japonia - Lounge Muzak (Live)
Ill Japonia - Mix for Love