Eastern Margins w/ Grack Thany

Our debut NTS Radio show - starting w/ Seoul’s Grack Thany. ⁣
On Fridays once a month, we’ll be syndicating the airwaves with the best of Club & Rap sounds from East & South East Asia and its diaspora. We’ve got so, so much amazing music to share with you - buckle up.⁣⁣
Grack Thany, based in Seoul but Born on the Internet, are a crew at the cutting edge of where South Korea’s club scene blends into the country’s rap juggernaut. Grack Thany is an amorphous machine, pulling from a constellation of singular Korean talents such as Moldy, TFO, Nubset, Nopitchonair, Vonlin Yoon, Sylarbomb, Curdsanghyun & more.⁣⁣
Core members 사일러밤 / Sylarbomb&Curdsanghyun step up for the Guestmix, with 40 minutes of the Future Sounds of Seoul.




Lumi (Intro)

timetoblowup - coreanshorthair
Fairlady Z - Broken Haze
Neo Noir - Object Blue
Rich & Clear - Omega Sapien  
Rodeo - Tohji
iPhone 9 - Shaka Bose ft. Dogwoods & OKBOY
Foreword (LJC VIP) - Dirty K
爆我的音樂 (Ao Wu & Karin Nowhere edit) - 970  
Stone World - T5UMUT5UMU
锉冰进行曲 - 阿雅
Choke - Thirteen13

Grack Thany

Shotgun Willy - Wendy (feat. Yung Craka)
ECCO2K - AAA Powerline
Modulaw  & Xzavier Stone - Try / Make Me
Iglooghost, Kai Whiston & BABii - Teef Chizzel
House of Suns - Wane
TOKYO’S REVENGE - Goodmorningtokyo!
Brodinski, Slimesito - Fly (feat. Slimesito)
Lunice - Partout
Loyalty XIX - Alta
Djjam305 - Neck
J-E-T-S - come alive (feat. theophilus london)
Peter Kuli - Ok Boomer (feat. Jed Will)
Injury Reserve - Jailbreak the Tesla (Feat. Aminé)
Dbo - Early Money (feat. Keith Ape)
Nubset & Sylarbomb - 금메달
Jennifer Walton - Scape
Kingdom - Exterra
Mang - Dead on Arrival
Clark - Mirage Trooper
Omaar - Druman
Double S x DJ Q - Sonic Riddim
Flo Milli - In the Party
JPEGMAFIA & Kenny Beats - Puff Daddy
JEB1 - African Rambo
Bok Bok - Know Already
Calvo - Atlantis Level 1 (Baltimore Club Music)
egeo shilhwa ña - arguoruireulratatat
JACKBOYS, Pop Smoke & Travis Scott - GATTI
TFO - Gold