Eastern Margins w/ ShioriyBradshaw & Noripi

ShioriyBradshaw & Noripi take over our NTS Radio show, representing the future sounds of Tokyo.
ShioriyBradshaw has been a pillar of Tokyo's club and rap scene for over half a decade now. We first linked up at our show in WWWβ Shibuya last October, where she closed our show with a thunderous set literally before Typhoon Hagibis grounded the whole city.⁣
Noripi is the weirdo club destroyer making waves - having released a debut EP under his Ryoko 2000 alias for Maltine Records.⁣



Techno / Club


Teste - Depraved Human Indifference
Deeven - Bion (Lithe Remix)
Stasya - Tributo ft. Alada
Nazar - Intercept
Cienfuegos - Club Crisis
Sugar - Crack the Whip
Sugar - Horsepower
Eterna - Call Her
DJ Mantis - Hiena
Wasted Fates - Paris Is Burning


Bony Fly - Dancehall Rave (ft. QQ)
Thornato - Back It Up (feat. Zongo Abongo)
Batida - Yumbala (A.J. Holmes & The Hackney Empire feat. Folo Graff remix)
DJ POLO - Lions Chest
Rizan Said - Melfuf
Kaval - Terra Hostila
Riko Dan - High Power
Glimmerman - Sumatra
Los & DJ SWISHA - Burn It Up
Frenquency - What A Life
ITOA - B 2the VIP
Bojaq - BODIED
Willy - Troy Boy
Skitty - Romantic
FFF - Control Tower
Arma - Finale
Guedra Guedra - Uggug