Eastern Margins w/ Nomad City (Yider & Amber Kuo)

We have invited Yider and Amber Kuo from Nomad City Records to put together a mix for our NTS show, with an intro by Eastern Margin's Jex

Based in Beijing, Nomad City Records is an electronic music label that never settles - always roaming, seeking inspiration from a plethora of places

Tune in tonight to discover how Nomad City Records pushes the boundaries in how genre, culture and language are represented in music



Techno / Breaks / Leftfield Pop

Jex (Intro)

Nước Mắm Is My Holy Water - Kim Dürbeck
Don't Play! (Double Clapperz Remix) - Shelhiel
DNA (feat. SEBii) - Bloodz Boi, umru
Di Di - Demonslayer
49 Days Of Quarantine Before Freedom - Nodey
Deu Me Bo - Nammy Wams

Nomad City (Yider & Amber Kuo)

Oh Yo - Yider
Karmacoma - Massive Attack, Mad Professor
Toumast Tincha - Tinariwen
Shanghai - Swindle
QI-Gong - Hundertmark Beatz
Time Scan 1 - Swing Slow
A Scarlet Riding Hood - Amber Kuo
Dark One - The New Deal
Amber - Flume
Ur a Drag - friendships ft. Skinimin
NaKuNa - Amber Kuo
Going Home - Yider
The Lemon of Pink I - The Books