Eastern Margins w/ Xhankonkon

SHENZHEN STEEL on our NTS Radio show as Xhankonkon & JDX take over for a blistering hour to shake you out of your lockdown doldrums.⁣⁣
Xhankonkon, Functionlab stalwart and a core part of Oilshenzhen, is one of Southern China's best kept secrets. His productions push the Margins of Techno, blurring it into harder and noisier territories, whilst never losing the functional momentum of the genre. ⁣⁣
⁣⁣He also has the best hair in all of China's club scene. Fact.⁣⁣
Featuring brand new & unreleased music from Shushu, Swimful, Rinsaga, 3Asic, Warmchainss, Fifi Rong, GUAN, Bulma & more.



Electronica / Bass / Club