Eastern Margins w/ Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU

As dreams and reality clash, they create frictional heat, dissolving a once tenuous boundary. The sensation that differentiates the two is an uncalibrated compass. ⁣
Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU take over our NTS Radio show, showcasing the full breadth of the soundscape behind Unsleep.
⁣This one's beautiful; a tonic for our spirits. Artwork by Tabitha Swanson , editing by Anthony Ko.

USA / Japan


Techno / Breaks / Experimental

Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU

Laenz, T5UMUT5UMU - ontogenesis
Shakabooz - Hideout(LSTNGT Remix)
Last Japan - Cold Ascent
aDeAD - NKC 鬥地主 Edit
Laenz, T5UMUT5UMU - death blossom
Indus Bonze - 秋田 Gqom 音頭
Osheyack -  Liar's Dividend
Train To Eltanin - Bambam
OOH-sounds - Appointment Scheduling System
Arexibo - 쌍둥이자리 Gemini w/ fka ache momo
Pisitakun - NEWS
Cicada Shell - 光芒
WRACK - Kagura Dembow (feat. Kojikoji)
The Bug - Skeng (feat. Killa P & Flowdan)
Walton - Abyss
Hypna - Motion Sensor
Dirty K - Panorama
Hiiro Issiki  - For Language to Come
ASJ - 業 Karma
Scintii - Times New Roman - (Loraine James remix)
Flora Yin-Wong - Diyu
Fever - Laenz/T5UMUT5UMU