Eastern Margins w/ GG Lobster (Functionlab)

Born in the punk circuit of Hangzhou, one of China's great artistic cities (home to the institution that is China Academy of Arts), GG Lobster was raised in its clubs.⁣
He's been responsible for ushering in a new wave of harder, faster and more emotional music in China's underground.⁣
This guestmix sees him showcasing a new side of music: we'll just call it GG Lobster Pop - there's really nothing like it.⁣ Intro by Eastern Margin's JDX



Club / Footwork / GG Lobster Pop

JDX (Intro)

Bloodz Boi 血男孩 (feat Tohji) [prod bod [包家巷]] - across the sea my dreams are born in silence
Sonia Calico - Club Simulation
Object Blue/TSVI - Turing Machine
KABLAM/mobilegirl - Miasma (mobilegirl Remix)
Scintii - Times New Roman (Palmistry Remix)
DJ SWISHA - Nothing But Net
Dirty K - ChaCha's 围城 Refix
G94 - No Sleep
A.G  - Kehna Hi Kya (Spice Queen Remix)
Hyph11E - Barnacles (Kode9 Remix)

GG Lobster

ljj555998 - noname
GG Lobster - 酷的只是社交假象
GG Lobster - 我不能为自己感到骄傲
GG Lobster - 赚钱天使 Money Angel (prod. ljj555998)
GG Lobster - 荣耀 Glory
CVN - 返報 feat. valknee (GG Lobster Remix)
GG Lobster - 核战 Atomic Warfare (prod. Bulma)
GG Lobster - Hardcore in Westlake (prod. ljj555998)
GG Lobster - Superboy and Supergirl (Tullycraft Cover)(Live Version)
GG Lobster - Lost in the Supermarket (The Clash Cover)
GG Lobster - Walk Alone
GG Lobster - Your Generation (Generation X Cover)