IZZIT?! - BAYANG (tha Bushranger) ft Jamaica Moana, produced by Ryan Fennis



Released October 8, 2021

Rap / Experimental / Post-Rave / Club

Dharug Country's BAYANG (tha Bushranger) and Jamaica Moana team up with Naarm based producer Ryan Fennis to create a high voltage, futuristic club heater.

Words by:

Jex Wang


Published on:

22nd October 2021

I listened to this track for the first time sitting at my desk on a bleak Berlin morning, nursing a lukewarm coffee. Upon pressing play, sharp glitches, Bayang’s verses and the heavy bass begin an aural transcendence to somewhere else. As Bayang’s echoing vocals and steady bass take you through the sonic tunnel that has been created, Jamaica Moana’s fast, dynamic verse pushes you through to the other side, into the alternate reality - somewhere better than where you currently are. As the bass bounced off my eardrums, a fantasy formed in my mind. A fantasy of somewhere far from where I was. I imagined going out to a basement venue club night, on a warm summer’s night. Memories of times where I’d danced in a club and thrown up my hands as an MC got on the mic flashed before me. As “IZZIT?!” finished, I was back at my desk. Fortunately the play button was right there for me to press again. 

When asked what were the inspirations behind the production of “IZZIT?!”, Fennis states “Tropical futurism, science fiction, alternate realities”, which were perfectly portrayed in his work. Other inspirations are Bayang and Fennis’ mutual appreciation for Kulintang, Gong music and eclectic Filipino producer Jose Maceda which definitely resonate throughout Fennis’ productions. Inspired by the “imagery of this alternate world of tropical humidity, hustle, bustle and struggle“ found in the beat Fennis sent him, Bayang’s bars radiate over the instrumentals, standing their own ground, giving his identity a clear distinction. Jamaica Moana rounds up the second half with her powerful energy. Her inspiration was to focus on a creative link between First Nations artists. “Hit him back with the Kia’Ora / He said Kamusta” brings together the Maori and Filipino identities in this track. “IZZIT?!” brings together the distinctive artistry of each person to create a futuristic heater, perfect for dancefloors. 

To have their vision and inspirations executed so perfectly really shows the musical prowess of these artists. Earlier this year Fennis released an EP titled Iceberg and recently released a pop leaning single “Just the Way U Are”, exhibiting his range as a producer. He is currently working on a project with Voidhood. Jamaica Moana has released music videos such as “Just Like This” and “Fur,” which showcases her fierce rap style. She has more collaborations coming out and is anticipating releasing a couple of singles before the year is out. Bayang is coming off the back of his debut EP notfromhere with Sevy, a promising beginning to his discography. “IZZIT?!” is a way for him to carve a new identity as an artist, hence changing his moniker to Bayang tha Bushranger.
As events start to return across the world, "IZZIT?!" is a must for the dance floors of the underground.
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