funeral by OHYUNG & lucy liyou



Released 24 July 2021


Abrasion turns into catharsis in ‘funeral’, as OHYUNG & lucy liyou dance in the shadows between pop and noise.

Words by:

David Zhou


Published on:

June 2021

OHYUNG & lucy liyou are two artists with the beguiling ability to turn abrasion into beauty. In ‘funeral’, wind chimes float like the breath of the wild before making way for blown-out distorted drums and a gentle soliloquy. The track walks through three movements, inviting you to reflection and carathasis alike. ‘funeral’ is testimony to the bravery of both OHYUNG’s & lucy liyou’s music - never shying away from the unexpected.
The track is taken from Tetra Hysteria Manifesto, the forthcoming excellent offering from our favourite experimental collective, Chinabot. The compilation features many of the first artists affiliated with Chinabot, as well as showcasing new additions, which playfully explores the superstition around the number 4 prevalent throughout parts of Asia. Tetra Hysteria Manifesto is an acceptance of the uncertain - a radical acceptance that some things are out of control, against the desire to control things that we may not necessarily have in our power. 
'funeral' is taken from Tetra Hysteria Manifesto, the forthcoming compilation from Chinabot, celebrating its 4th year anniversary. Out 24 July 2021.