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Meals that remind you of home with Nicole Chui

Nicole Chui aka. @thatsewnicole is an artistic force of nature with Hong Kong Chinese and Malaysian heritage. At only 26 years old, she’s built a reputation as a renowned textile-based artist, blending striking IRL scenes with her iconic embroidery and working with the likes of Nike.

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Taipei to Hualien Nightbus, Phambinho with Hojo on NTS

Taipei to Hualien Nightbus, Phambinho with Hojo on NTS


funeral by OHYUNG & lucy liyou

Abrasion turns into catharsis in ‘funeral’, as OHYUNG & lucy liyou dance in the shadows between pop and noise.

In ‘funeral’, wind chimes float like the breath of the wild before making way for blown-out distorted drums and a gentle soliloquy.

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For our first long-form Teahouse interview, we could not be more excited to present our special guest, who the whole crew are massive fans of: the incredibly talented OHYUNG, experimental rap artist and film score producer based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Look out for their upcoming performance in Eastern Margins presents: ‘Respect Our Elders’ broadcast in collaboration with Boiler Room, airing June 20th.

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Chloe Yu Nong Lin - Pi Sound 琶聲

In Lin’s hands, the traditional pipa is rejuvenated with a futuristic, cyberpunk energy allowing it to withstand the tests of time. 

Chloe Yu Nong Lin is from Taipei, Taiwan. This album was recorded in Chicago and released through Monastral, a creative arts label.


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