Yeo: "Food is just as sensually transportive as music"

@snackswithyeo's Malaysian-Chinese inspired meals offer the delicious backdrop to his new single 'Never Miss' in our 'Add Oil' food series.

New Music - Review

Running Through The Dark - Soft Powder

Soft Powder’s new single Running Through The Dark is the perfect song to soundtrack your thoughts as you mentally attempt to unpack the feelings you’ve been neglecting.


funeral by OHYUNG & lucy liyou

Abrasion turns into catharsis in ‘funeral’, as OHYUNG & lucy liyou dance in the shadows between pop and noise.

In ‘funeral’, wind chimes float like the breath of the wild before making way for blown-out distorted drums and a gentle soliloquy.

Latest Teahouse


For our first long-form Teahouse interview, we could not be more excited to present our special guest, who the whole crew are massive fans of: the incredibly talented OHYUNG, experimental rap artist and film score producer based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Look out for their upcoming performance in Eastern Margins presents: ‘Respect Our Elders’ broadcast in collaboration with Boiler Room, airing June 20th.

Latest Review

Chloe Yu Nong Lin - Pi Sound 琶聲

In Lin’s hands, the traditional pipa is rejuvenated with a futuristic, cyberpunk energy allowing it to withstand the tests of time. 

Chloe Yu Nong Lin is from Taipei, Taiwan. This album was recorded in Chicago and released through Monastral, a creative arts label.


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